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Interior or Exterior Graffiti Murals for your Business , Home, Festival or Event.  Or combine with a workshop for an educational and fun experience, with a nice mural to keep on your wall afterwards!

I either work alone or with other skilled artists in the area depending on the size and location of the site.

Get in touch for a site visit and quote!

Pokemon mural painted for GLOSPARK event in Gloucester, via YOUR NEXT MOVE !

Pokemon mural painted for GLOSPARK event in Gloucester, via YOUR NEXT MOVE !


Mural created for Lewis Ludlow's Garage (Gloucester Rugby Captain) in collaboration with BIGDUG

Pokemon themed mural in the middle of Gloucester, for MSB hiphop breaking event in the Guildhall!
slazz honebourne.jpg
Big thanks for the Photography by Ryan Free:  @ryanfree__
slaz skyze
Above - I painted the Character, letters by SKYZE
The mural below wraps around two walls and under a Window! For The Funky Warehouse , Cheltenham

Character - Collaboration with SKYZE and CROM 2019

Mini Cooper - Collaboration with SKYZE and CROM 2019

Character Centrepiece - Collaboration with SKYZE 2019

Workshop / Mural for Hesters Way Community Centre 2019

Workshop / Mural for Christian Arts Festival 2018, Cheltenham

Upton Blues Festival 2019 (Centrepiece portrait)

Collaboration with FVS crew

Eastgate Market , Gloucester

Bedroom mural

Bramwells Barbershop 2018

Centrepiece Character -

Collaboration with SKYZE 2019

Drone-eye view of Oakley Scooter Skate Park 2020 (based on designs by Young People via Youth Group Workshops)

Boom Box centrepiece Collaboration with SKYZE 2020

Thanks to @t0mwarner for the drone footage!

Abstract Collaboration with SKYZE 2020

I painted the OLIO piece (centre) SKYZE on the left, FARAI on the right

Giant robot DJ mural created for Pilgrims Yard (formerly Outdoor Inn) In Gloucester

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