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Art In The City

"What Is A Home?"


AITC wall with OG drawingz.jpg

This was a project created in collaboration with Russell Haines and Gloucester Marketing for the Art In The City event in Gloucester.

Below is a digitally compiled edit of the full Cityscape drawing, complete with the original drawings submitted by members of the public!

People in Gloucester, UK, were invited to submit drawings of what a home means to them.

This was an open brief, and the results were very creative, ranging from realistic to idealistic, to straight-up fantastic!

Many of the drawings were created by Children and Young People, and I did my best to retain all of the original character of the original drawings whilst making them 3D and fit into the landscape!


The original drawings are placed near the re-drawn ones for easy reference.

Click on the below image to see it all in detail.

Please note - the original drawing was 4 meters in length, so this Hi-Res image is huge - about 25MB - so do allow time for loading.

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